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PAR 64 RGB LED DMX Master & Slave 36 x 3W
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PAR 64 RGB LED DMX Master & Slave 36 x 3W


Professional RGB LED DMX Spot with Master and Slave function and 36 x 3W LEDs.

PAR 64 CAN with strong aluminium mounting bracket.
Delivery in black or polish, with or without colour filter frame.
Controlable by every DMX controller by 3 or 5 DMX channels.

In Slave Mode the Spot is controlled by 3 or 5 DMX channels, by an external DMX controller.
In Master Mode the spot itself is a DMX controller. It controlls 4 units independently.
In Master Mode there is no external DMX controller needed.

The different modes may be selected by dipswitch on the backside of the unit.

Master DMX Mode:
24 chaser proramms
6 fade in / fade out programs
6 fade over programs
6 colour programms
3 and 5 ch DMX mode available

Slave DMX Mode:
3ch Mode: red, green, blue
5ch Mode: pattern, red, green, blue, speed

Indepent Mode:
Color fade mode, speed can beset from 2,5s up to 10:30min
Automatic colour change
Manual mode, each color brighness is selectable in 14% steps

Music controll by build in microphone.
Speed controll by build in potentiometer.

 Technical Information:



 Voltage: 120V / 240V
 No. of LED: 36 x 3W
 Lifetime: 100.000 hours
 Size: 270 x 270 x 330mm
 Weight: 3kg


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